Welcome to my site.

I am an avid film fan and have been going to the cinema and inflicting my opinions on people for over 20 years now. I used to post my reviews on Facebook and Twitter and essentially this is going to be a way to keep a master copy in one spot.

For context, I am in the UK and I am not press affiliated or a journalist (you should be able to tell from the poor quality of my writing). But I do see upwards of 80 films a year at the cinema and try to immerse myself in the subject as much as I can.

I worked at a cinema between the ages of 17-21 and attempted to watch the classics and the greats and since a competition with fellow employees have become addicted to cinema.

Any post I make will be my opinion of a film based on a cinema visit or a streaming service new release. I prefer films on a big screen but have to accept the changing ways of film distribution. And occasionally I might post an opinion on something film related.

I think that covers my thoughts on why I am starting this blog and for context I will post a quick list of my favourite films of the last few years.

One final thought as I like numbers…since the turn of the century I have seen 1,381 (as of Dec 31st 2016) films at the cinema breaking a century in a calendar year on 6 occasions. Hopefully giving me some ability to compare and contrast films good and bad.

Thanks for reading.