How To Build A Girl

Johanna Morrigan (Beanie Feldstein) is a sixteen year old girl growing up in working class Wolverhampton. Desperately seeking something to break her free of the shackles holding her she realises that it isn’t about finding a boy it is about finding a girl, herself. When she enters a competition to be a writer at a … Continue reading How To Build A Girl

The Old Guard

When a team of four immortal mercenaries break one of their rules of evading detection they become the target of a pharmaceutical CEO who smells money. Just to complicate matters further the team have a shared vision that a new immortal has appeared in the world. The Old Guard is a very enjoyable Netflix action … Continue reading The Old Guard


Alexander Hamilton is a hard working revolutionary who will become George Washington’s right hand man and a founding father of America. He will also make powerful enemies on his way. The first thing I should probably address is that this is not a film. It is a recording of the theatre stage show. Although it … Continue reading Hamilton