Rim of the World

e01a5633-4aaa-45cb-9af8-459cff685cd3Four children find themselves stranded at summer camp when an alien invasion threatens to destroy human civilisation. When an astronaut crashes in their exact location with a literal key to survival they must embark on a 70 mile trip to a NASA science facility to save mankind.

Set up as a young teenage action adventure movie, Rim of the World lands firmly in the category of “it is so bad it is actually entertaining”.

The four children involved have a classic case of growing pains to resolve. Our lead Alex (Jack Gore) has lost his father and is scared of almost everything, Dariush (Benjamin Flores Jr.) is coming to terms with his family not being as rich as they used to be, Gabriel (Alessio Scalzotto) is dyslexic and ZhenZhen (Miya Cech) actually doesn’t have much to overcome other than being the foreign smart kid I suppose.

On their journey the group are pursued by an indestructible alien that is rendered with what can be described as functional CGI. In fact the special effects throughout are perfunctory at best. They will of course form good friendships and teach each other that they are stronger than they know. And of course do slow motion dance numbers in empty shopping malls.

At its worst we have blatant Jurassic Park and Independence Day rip offs and possibly the worst product placement I think I have ever seen in a movie.

Director McG once was trusted with kickstarting new life into the Terminator franchise. Now it seems he can’t even breathe life into a teenage family romp other than the moments that a Netflix audience can shout at their tv in derision at the next terrible moment.

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