My Spy

BA40AA4D-C0A1-44C8-AEF7-C5331B694185JJ (Dave Bautista) is an ex-army ranger and new to the CIA and whilst he may be good at the “boom” his spy craft has a lot to be desired. Cue his last chance job, surveillance of the widow of a bad guy and her daughter, but of course things will not go to plan. Nine year old Sophie (Chloe Coleman) spots JJ and his tech support Bobbi (Kristen Schaal) almost immediately and thanks to a video taken on her phone blackmails him into being her friend.

I have to admit being apprehensive about delving into a viewing of My Spy. I had the likes of Kindergarten Cop on my mind and I thought I was going to struggle. However with lockdown ongoing this was a chance to watch a new movie with the whole family and that is something not to be missed and actually I am glad that I did. This is not a film that will win any awards for originality but it has a lot of heart and Bautista has good comedy instincts as we have already seen in Guardians of the Galaxy.

The initial set up is swift and a lot of fun. Opening with a slightly tongue in cheek showdown in a disused nuclear power plant in Chernobyl we get to see Bautista kick some butt, but not leave any surviving leads for the CIA investigation. A few quick scenes later and we have seen how JJ is a loner and suffering some angst from his last mission as a ranger, whilst Sophie is new to the city and in need of a friend. A perfect match waiting to happen. Of course when Sophie starts to like JJ she also attempts to be matchmaker with her mother.

Ultimately what the film has winning amounts of is humour and heart. Bautista is genuinely brilliant at looking shocked by events happening around him and the likes of Schaal and Ken Jeong (as his boss) add there trademark humour. Most of the jokes revolve around Sophie and JJ’s burgeoning friendship and her request to learn how to be a spy, most importantly of course just learning how to quip one liners and walk away from explosions without looking back.

Perhaps I was won over by some family fun, but given that is the goal of the film then I think it has done its job.

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