0FFE005C-C1E1-4AF0-82E5-7D505A347E5E Mercenary Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an Indian crime boss who is being held by a rival Bangladeshi kingpin.

Extraction feels like a throwback to the glorious over the top 1980’s action hero films that Arnold Schwarzenegger was famous for. The most obvious example being Commando. Our hero has a gloriously dumb name, the action can be particularly brutal, our leading man has star charisma and chiselled pecs and it contains the sort of cliche that they must have been knowingly targeting or blind to miss.

It’s biggest selling point are two sustained and intense action sequences that sprawl across Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka. The car chase elements are particularly fun with inventive camera work that makes you feel very much part of the action. Hemsworth nails the physicality and presence during these scenes and there is some impressive stunt work.

Outside of these it has a bit of a muddy story. There is definitely an element of fathers and sons and legacy. Rake’s young son is seen in flashback, the rescue mission is for the ignored son of a mob boss, the enemy has a surrogate child soldier son and another character is blackmailed to take part in the action by the threat of the murder of his son. There is even a point where the kidnapped boy laments at how many orphans his father has created in between Rake annihilating half of the Bangladeshi police force. What exactly it is trying to say seemed out of reach for me.

As for the cliche story beats you either need to revel in them or wince. The film opens near the end before flashing back two days, deaths are signposted, David Harbour turns up as a questionable best friend, our mercenary has a heart and their are not one but two codas.

Ultimately I had a lot of fun with a film that does not want to be big or clever. It just wants to kill lots of people very violently.

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