The Invisible Man

D3B8315B-FB4B-4C45-8318-4F057D6E068A Two weeks after Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss) escapes her controlling, abusive boyfriend she finds out that he has committed suicide. But when strange events that are detrimental to her life begin to happen her sanity comes into question. Could she really be haunted by an invisible man or is she so emotionally damaged that she has become self destructive?

Leigh Whannell’s new take on Universal’s classic monster story is thoroughly superb. Moving the focus purely on to Cecilia allows him to explore the psychological damage caused by domestic abuse and gaslighting, but don’t panic he also includes some purer horror moments in this tense and gripping thriller.

Whilst the premise is fresh and exciting it requires a strong actress to hold the film together and portray a gamut if emotions with no one to react to. In Elizabeth Moss they have the perfect star. Probably best known for Mad Men and The Handmaids Tail this might well be her best foray into feature films. She is a superb actress and does a fantastic job here providing an element of doubt as to whether this is all in her mind.

To cap it all Whannell’s use of empty spaces is terrific. A simple camera pan from our lead character to an empty space is capable of providing tension and the film has a brilliant ending that completely satisfies.

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