Dark Waters

68805BE5-943B-4E34-B214-FDB61250AE02 Dark Water is based on the true story of how corporate defence attorney Rob Bilott (Mark Ruffalo) sued the DuPont chemical company over the poisoning of thousands of people through the manufacturing of Teflon.

Following Bilott over the course of years of investigation and court motions the film portrays a jaw dropping story of cover ups and corporate greed that show massive disregard for public safety in favour of profit. It also shows how slow the wheels of justice turn and the pressure it places on all of those involved in that process. Unfortunately where it fails is in delivering any emotional connection with the victims or with Bilott and his family which resulted in an odd mix of fascinating subject matter wrapped in a dull presentation.

The cast features Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway, Tim Robbins and Bill Pullman and the film is directed by Todd Haynes, so it seems odd to say that the film lacks any dynamism to keep you interested. There are an awful lot of scenes of grey landscapes and everyday people shot from a moving vehicle that kind of sum up the feel of the film.

The subject matter is dynamite and the talent involved is huge but I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it. I am on the other hand going to throw away my non stick pans.

2 thoughts on “Dark Waters

  1. Well I am certainly not going to throw away my non stick pans, in fact I might buy more of them if they are now sold off as a result of this film! That aside I completely agree with your review. It is so dull for most of it, not helped by the grey colour palate you mention. Mark Ruffalo tries his best, however one of the few moments where the film comes alive is where Tim Robbins loses his cool in the meeting. It reminded me of the scene in Spotlight where Mark Ruffalo loses his cool – a rare bright patch in another dull film. I think it would have been better served by giving the facts shown at the end of the film at the beginning and by getting a director better able to handle this material – Haynes was well out of his comfort zone.

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