A9B00C1B-BC1A-4AD7-A8F5-C4EFCD5671E2Six miles underwater deep in the Mariana Trench the Titan corporation are drilling for energy resources. But when the support base for the drill suffers a huge structural failure six crew members are left fighting for survival against the elements and the mysterious cause of the accident.

Underwater wears its B-Movie credentials on its sleeve and it has to be said it’s a thoroughly enjoyable and lean film. It’s essentially Alien meets Gears of War underwater. A resourceful mechanical engineer leads what remains of her crew against an unknown enemy whilst wearing diving suits that wouldn’t look out of place in the game franchise.

Utilising headlines within the opening credit sequence to give all of its backstory the film dives straight into the action. There are 95 minutes of survival under extreme circumstances with a crew of archetypes where only Kristen Stewart makes a mark. Vincent Cassel is the stoic captain prepared to go down with his crew, T.J. Miller the comic relief, Jessica Henwick as the marine biologist who is a rookie diver, John Gallagher. Jr as an Everyman pilot and Mamoudou Athie as cannon fodder. But thanks to Stewart’s charisma and ability to imbue her character with a depth that isn’t necessarily in the script it works.

It’s not original but it’s a pretty tense and thrilling flick.

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