21 Bridges

C5609763-D3CF-4477-9A31-EE88CD52A253 When a burglary goes wrong eight police officers are murdered and Detective Andre Davis (Chadwick Bozeman) has to shut down Manhattan in a bid to capture the killers.

21 Bridges is a high concept good old fashioned action thriller. Set across one night in New York we are treated to shoot outs, conspiracy, hard bitten cops and sympathetic antagonists. The end result is a thoroughly entertaining, if slightly predictable film.

Bozeman and the ensemble cast do well with loosely sketched characters with Sienna Miller and Taylor Kitsch probably standing out amongst the crowd as a single mother detective and veteran turned criminal respectively.

It’s a shame that Bozeman’s Fugitive like speech about the bridges, tunnels and rivers in New York was in the trailer though.

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