The Good Liar

CEABF34B-78ED-40C1-B382-895F83AE5E3D Betty McLeish (Helen Mirren) is recently widowed and sets about looking for companionship online where she meets career fraudster Roy Courtnay (Ian McKellan) who believes he is on to a huge payday. But when Roy starts to develop a fondness for Betty things become trickier than he would like.

The Good Liar features top tier performances from two of Britain’s finest actors and that is ultimately where you will find most of its entertainment. McKellan and Mirren do fantastic work layering characters with something to hide and relish in the revelatory moments.

The story itself, set in 2009 is intriguing, but perhaps doesn’t offer enough clues to the critical reveal. It is not something that you would ascertain from the information given even if it is suitably entertaining.

Good, but not great.

Oh and any regular Cineworld customers should prepare themselves for the moment when they try to place actor Phil Dunster, he is the man you have seen on every visit to your local cinema for the last few months!

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