Western Stars

0D17B3FF-961E-4981-AD0E-FC93D106B3C4 Bruce Springsteen’s latest album Western Stars is a work of art and one of his most personal achievements. This film is a concert movie with a difference. With music featuring a 30 piece orchestra Springsteen decided that he would be unlikely to tour the album and chose to film a live performance in a huge barn on the property he owns. In between songs are short vignettes that give insight into the songs and how they were created that veer between short stories and poems with Springsteen opening his soul to us.

The result is an absolute must watch for fans and has an awful lot to admire for any movie fan as well.

The concert footage is intimate and features fantastic renditions of the songs played in album order. The barn, which Springsteen describes as containing good spirits thanks to their holding family weddings and events there offers great acoustics and a cinematic setting. The vignettes are the sort of thing that could come across as over earnest, with Springsteen spilling his soul set to archive footage, family videos and iconic western imagery that form the album cover artwork.

I am a huge fan of Springsteen thanks to his appearance in High Fidelity piquing my interest in his music and with this film, his Broadway show being available on Netflix and the recent Blinded By The Light appearing in the cinema it’s a good time to be a fan of “The Boss”.

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