A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

56608C21-4378-4B24-9F1B-056D88C06666 Shaun the Sheep returns for his second movie from Aardman animation. This time alien Lu-La arrives on earth and the plot is a little like E.T. as Shaun tries to return her home.

Lu-La is an instantly adorable character in the Shaun the Sheep world with the ability to mimic any sound she hears and the appearance of a rabbit crossed with a floating jellyfish.

As per the original film the joy here is how the storytelling harks back to the silent movie era. No actual words are uttered during the film with the occasional gobbledegook muttering given a suggestion of the characters thoughts. Everything else is played out via visual, physical and slapstick humour. It’s always hugely inventive whilst skewing to its young audience. The adults will be kept interested by all the science fiction film and tv references littered throughout. My particular favourite was a garage with the name H.G. Wheels.

I was not as engaged as I was in Shauns’ original outing to the big city but my children were absolutely engaged. Hang around for a mid credits sequence as well.

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