Diego Maradona

Asif Kapadia’s latest documentary focuses on eight years of Maradona’s life from the moment he joins Napoli to the moment he left. Encompassing two world cups, success on the pitch, the mafia, drugs and his rise to god like status by his fans. Pieced together from archive and family footage this is an exciting, gripping … Continue reading Diego Maradona

Men In Black: International

The Men In Black have gone international, with the London agency in need of assistance in saving the universe from the scum of the universe. Enter new recruit Molly (Tessa Thompson) and arrogant up and coming Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) to jet set through Paris, Marrakesh, Naples and London in their efforts to keep a … Continue reading Men In Black: International


Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) is a struggling musician until a freak accident occurs. When the entire world’s electricity blacks out for twelve seconds he is hit by a bus and becomes the only person in the world to remember The Beatles. Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis’ dream team collaboration is a high concept feel good … Continue reading Yesterday

Late Night

Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) has been a successful late night talk show host for decades, but complacency and falling ratings mean she may be about to lose her show. Can new diversity hire Molly (Mindy Kaling) generate the urgency needed to save the show? I genuinely wanted to love Late Night. It features some outstanding … Continue reading Late Night


Tori (Elizabeth Banks) and Kyle Breyer (David Denman) live in Brightburn, Kansas and are struggling to conceive. When one night a meteor shower delivers them a gift, a baby boy who they take in as their own. Brightburn takes its core idea from the question “what if Superman was inherently evil”? Anyone who has read … Continue reading Brightburn


When Maggie (Diane Silver) and her mother Erica (Juliette Lewis) return to the town where her mum grew up Maggie is quick to make friends. One day when seeking a passing adult to buy her new group of friends alcohol they begin a friendship with Sue Ann, or Ma (Octavia Spencer). But Sue Ann used … Continue reading Ma