Avengers: Endgame

nullInfinity War ended with the “snap” and the anticipation to Endgame for Marvel fans has built to an absolute frenzy. What I absolutely can not talk about is any plot outside of what we have seen in the trailer and it’s pleasing to say that everything in the trailer happens very early in the film, leaving what is to follow a surprise.

Endgame is very much a different speed to Infinity War. Where as last years film was utterly action packed, moving artfully from one set piece to another this film spends time looking at the impact of the snap on its characters and the world. Setting up the stakes at hand and making the pay offs even better.

It successfully manages to give all of the main characters enough screen time for them all to make a real impact and delivers some truly hilarious moments. It also delivers big time in the final action sequences and endings (of which there are a few). And probably the best thing for all Marvel fans out there is the ridiculous amount of fan service throughout. If you know your Marvel Cinematic Universe well I can guarantee you will be grinning at all the callbacks and references.

Any negatives? Not if you are a fan, no. But if you aren’t then I suspect you might find quite large sections of the film superfluous because you won’t get that warm fuzzy feeling of recognition throughout.

You have to hand it to the Russo brothers, they’ve been able to successfully juggle a cast of thousands across two sprawling action films and deliver each time.

Post credits alert – there are no additional scenes but something does happen.

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