Hellboy (2019)

hellboy-reboot-posterHellboy (David Harbour) must tackle an evil witch (Milla Jovovich) brought back from the dead to wreak her revenge on the Earth.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here, Neil Marshall’s reboot of Hellboy is an absolute travesty. If Guillermo Del Toro’s excellent two films starring Ron Perlman did not exist and this was the only film version available to non-comic fans it would be even more of a travesty.

If the goal was to make a sub par B-Movie with poor CGI and hang all of its attempts at fun on the repeated use of British slang and colloquialism then they absolutely nailed it. The low bar for everything to come is set in the opening scene, gruesome dead bodies on a battlefield come into view whilst Ian McShane, playing Hellboy’s surrogate father gives an expletive laden narration that is meant to draw laughs. From there on out the film has a scattergun approach of extreme violence and humour that doesn’t land.

Hellboy is assisted by lesser known characters in the comics, Major Ben Daimio (Daniel Dae Kim) and Alice Monaghan (Sasha Lane). Neither have the screen presence or time within the film to develop their characters whilst McShane and Jovovich simply play to type and annoy rather than impress. Harbour deserves some credit as he tries his best to take on a role that Ron Perlman made his own.

Literally the only redeeming feature is that the visuals in the flashback to Hellboy’s origin match the comic well. But of course they then throw in a comic favourite into the wrong context and ruin it all!


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