31ce7075bbe0c8c74625f9451debaac380ff4ac2It’s D-Day and planes are dropping US soldiers near a French village that holds a communication tower critical to the Allied attack. When anti air guns decimate the planes only four soldiers remain to carry out the demolition job.

Starting out as a “men on a mission” movie, Overlord takes a twist into horror around the halfway mark. Nazi scientists are conducting experiments on the French villagers in efforts to create super soldiers and are succeeding in creating abominations. For any gamers out there, the current generation of Wolfenstein games feel like a touchstone here. Otherwise the origin of Hellboy in Guillermo Del Toro’s films feel familiar with ancient churches and underground stone passageways.

The plot is lean and ticks along rapidly, the horror and gore is fittingly creepy and grotesque and the actors are all fine in their archetype roles. It might not live long in the memory but it’s a pretty good ride.

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