A Star is Born

Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) is an international music star. He’s also an alcoholic and drug addict with worsening tinnitus. When looking for a bar after a gig he finds Ally (Lady Gaga) performing La Vie en Rose (the song Cooper and Gaga sang together in an initial meeting to discuss the film) and takes her … Continue reading A Star is Born


Set during and after World War 2, Mudbound follows the lives of two families on a farm in Mississippi. Both families, one white and one black have returning soldiers from the war and the focus is on farming, poverty, racism and the treatment of war veterans. Netflix released Mudbound in 2017 and it is a … Continue reading Mudbound

The Predator

Whilst in Mexico on an operation, US sniper Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) witnesses a Predator ship crash. Stealing some of its equipment he posts it back to himself via the mail before being taken in for questioning. What follows is an incredibly complex plot containing a rogue predator versus a hunter predator, a biologist (seemingly … Continue reading The Predator

Mile 22

An elite CIA team headed up by James Silva (Mark Wahlberg) has to travel 22 Miles to get an intelligence asset out of the country. Obstacles will be encountered and a touch of the old ultraviolence will ensue. Director Peter Berg’s fourth consecutive film with Mark Wahlberg (if you ignore tv and documentaries) is probably … Continue reading Mile 22