The Happytime Murders

Ex-cop, turned private eye Phil Philips (Bill Barretta) stumbles into a murder crime scene whilst on a case. His ex-partner Connie Edwards (Melissa McCarthy) has reason to dislike him, but needs his help solving the crime because of his links to the case. So far, so normal? Well, Phil is a puppet and The Happytime … Continue reading The Happytime Murders


Spike Lee’s latest film starts with the words “Dis Joint is based on some fo’ real, fo’ real shit” and it is not joking around. Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) is Colorado Springs first ever African American police officer and with the help of his Jewish partner Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver) they infiltrate the local … Continue reading BlacKkKlansman

The Festival

Nick (Joe Thomas) and his best friend Shane (Hammed Animashaun) have just graduated from University and have tickets to their first music festival. Unfortunately for Nick his girlfriend Caitlin (Hannah Tointon) has just dumped him and she is going to the festival as well. It’s surprising to find out that The Festival is only directed … Continue reading The Festival

The Meg

Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) is an expert sea diver forced to make a difficult decision on a rescue mission for a submarine stricken on the seabed. Five years later he’s called into action as the only person capable of rescuing a crew who have gone deeper in the ocean than anyone else. The cause of … Continue reading The Meg