tag-posterFive friends (Ed Helms, Jake Johnson, Jon Hamm, Lil Rel Howery and Jeremy Renner) have been playing a game of tag their whole lives. Throughout the month of May every year they fight it out not to be the last person caught. When Jerry’s (Renner) wedding is scheduled in May the other friends feel this is their opportunity to break his perfect game.

Probably one of the more bizarre “based on a true story” films that you could ever watch, Tag is a moderately successful comedy with a real dark streak. Some of the depths the characters will go both to tag and avoid being tagged are funny just because of how socially unacceptable they would be. And it even briefly toys with the way the game brings the regularly caught friends closer whilst alienating them from the most successful participant. Of course, as this is a comedy, this isn’t maintained, but it’s a fleetingly interesting plot point.

How much you enjoy it will probably depend on how much you enjoy the archetypal characters on screen. The organiser (Helms), the stoner (Johnson), the successful one (Hamm), the neurotic one (Howery) and the competitive one (Renner). Although perhaps the funniest for me was the intense one who as a wife and girl isn’t allowed to take part (Isla Fisher). Of all the roles though, Renner’s is the least successful which is an issue given he is the main antagonist.

Funny enough to keep you entertained, but probably lacking anything special to warrant multiple views. It’s worth staying a short while at the end as we are treated to some home video of the real life friends going to extreme lengths to tag one another.

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