Ocean’s 8

oceans-8-posterDebbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) is fresh out of jail and her time inside has allowed her to plan a perfect heist. Rounding up some old and new friends they set out to steal a diamond necklace worth $150 million.

Set in the same world as Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13 we get a couple of cameos and a running joke about whether Debbie’s brother Danny actually is dead. But other than that the main resemblance to those films is a slick, convoluted heist.

The star power on display keeps everything just about interesting but things don’t really spark as much as the Clooney films. In fact it’s the constant comparison that the film’s title forces you into that is perhaps its biggest failing. It doesn’t feel like the group are having as much fun and the heist goes too well in comparison. Maybe if this was just a stand alone film it would fare better?

You won’t be lacking for entertainment value but you certainly could watch better heist movies.

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