Deadpool 2

deadpool-2-posterDeadpool returns to offer us the alternative superhero movie of the year. Ultra violent, expletive laden and seriously funny. The plot sees part cyborg mutant Cable (Josh Brolin taking a break from finding Infinity stones) travelling back in time to kill the mutant who killed his family. But even Deadpool doesn’t think it’s right to kill a 14 year old boy. (Surprisingly for a film littered with film references I didn’t spot one for Looper, especially given the plot line.)

This sequel is superior to the original for a few reasons. With a change of director the action sequences are even more inventive and fun. This is even referenced in the opening credits, by referring to the director as “one of the guys who killed John Wick’s dog”. David Leitch co-directed the original Wick as well as the impressive Atomic Blonde. It’s also incredibly inventive, even more so than the original. The opening credits are Bond like, it introduces some great new characters, and it’s even more self deprecating and self aware than the original. And where the first film had a weak link, it’s generic villain, this has a much more interesting big bad.

Speaking of those new characters, whilst Cable is a gruff bad ass the true stand out is Domino played by Zazie Beetz. The luck based mutant has charisma to spare and is definitely young enough to carry the franchise for a decade as Deadpool puts it.

And of course there is Ryan Reynolds as the titular character. Credited as a writer and producer this time. Without his sharp wit and delivery it could not possibly work as well as it does. And it is hilarious to see him directly reference his superhero past.

Stay in the cinema for a few mid credits stings, but there is nothing at the very end.


5 thoughts on “Deadpool 2

  1. I have to admit I agree with your review – I like it and it is better than the original. The only flaw is it broke the fourth wall a little too much which impacted on it’s emotional beats. Picking up your point of missing things, I didn’t spot Brad PItt until I read about it later and I have no idea who played the larger than life villain who turns up later in the film.


  2. I would agree with this review! Although the first one has a special place in my heart. The action sequences were certainly on a whole new level, and the comedic aspect was impeccable. Great review


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