Thor: Ragnarok

Hela the Goddess of Death has conquered Asgard and banished Thor to a planet where he is forced to fight in gladiatorial battle against his work colleague The Hulk. Can he save his people? Ragnarok is a big change of pace for Thor, going full comedy thanks to its director Taika Waititi. What this means … Continue reading Thor: Ragnarok


In the near future the world has been beset by catastrophic weather events and scientists in many countries have come together to create a net of satellites that encompass the world and control the weather. But what if someone were to hack into those satellites and use them as a weapon and create a Geostorm? … Continue reading Geostorm

The Snowman

Detective Harry Hole of the Oslo police is investigating the disappearance of women that coincide with the first snowfall. Aided by his new partner Katrine he tries to join the dots between the disappearances. Based on a book in the Jo Nesbo crime thriller series, directed by Tomas Alfredson who made the sublime Tinker, Tailor, … Continue reading The Snowman