47 Metres Down

47-meters-down-2017-06Sisters Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) are on holiday in Mexico when they decide to go on a daring dive in a cage to see sharks. When catastrophe strikes they find themselves 47 metres down at the bottom of the ocean, running out of air and fighting for survival.

This film owes a lot to the vastly superior “The Shallows” which came out last year, not just for its shark content but because this film was destined for a straight to DVD release before its success. But it can not match that films tension or pacing unfortunately. The set up feels straight from a soap opera. Sisters, who look nothing like each other, are on holiday in Mexico, one of whom has split up with her boyfriend because he thought her boring and is spurred into doing something dangerous to make him jealous. The fact that this is mentioned multiple times to get her into the cage feels like terrible motivation to move the plot forward. Once at the bottom of the ocean there are occasional jumps brought by the claustrophobic dark. In fact it is in these parts that it feels most inspired by another superior film, “The Descent”. Claustrophobic darkness and squeezing through gaps at the last moment to avoid sharks feeling remarkably similar to the potholing of that film.

All in all though, this 89 minutes feels far too predictable and pales in comparison to its peers.

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