Baby Driver

babydriver-04aBaby (Ansel Elgort) is a getaway driver paying off a debt to heist boss Doc (Kevin Spacey). Following an accident as a child he has tinnitus and constantly plays music off of his many iPods, every aspect of his life choreographed to music.

Simply put, this is a great film. Edgar Wright is back following creative differences on Ant Man, resulting in this being his first film in 4 years and he absolutely nails every creative decision here.

As a high concept pitch it is a car chase film set to music, but there is so much more to it. The car chases are great, Wright has talked about his love for them and recently curated a season at the BFI of his favourites. That’s shown here with real chases, no CGI and an exhilarating sense of speed. The music is diverse and cool, each song working well with the scene it’s paired with. Elgort is great as the nearly mute Baby and shares great chemistry with Lily James, who plays love interest Debora. But the whole cast is fantastic, with a rotating gallery of rogues pulling off the heists all feeling like fully formed characters. Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Eliza Gonzalez, Jon Bernthal, Flea and Lanny Joon are all in the car with Baby at one point or another, all with their own hang ups and drives. (Pun intended).

At its best it feels like the camera is dancing around the action whilst a kinetic exhilarating heist unfolds. Watch this film!



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