The Mummy

c8tvyd8voaain_pThe beginning of Universal’s Dark Universe starts with a reboot of the Mummy starring Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis and Russell Crowe. Cruise is a soldier looking for plunder in Iraq when he discovers the tomb of an evil mummy. Set on turning him into the living embodiment of Set, the God of Death she pursues him to England where they take in Dr. Jekyll’s secret organisation that researches evil.

What I enjoyed most about this film is how confident Universal seem to be of their fledgling  cinematic universe. The film starts with a Dark Universe logo and is suitably fitting of that moniker to warrant a 15 certificate, something that a summer blockbuster would usually avoid like the plague! The film itself though is mostly generic, but whips along at fast enough of a pace to prevent you getting bored.

Its most interesting moments are in the make up and design of The Mummy, both before and after her transformation. Boutella doing another great job under make up and CG following Kingsman and Star Trek Beyond. It is at its oddest when Crowe’s Hyde manifests. But in the main, it is a Tom Cruise action film where he barrels through action scene after action scene, but never hits the heights of a Mission Impossible or Edge of Tomorrow.

Kinetic enough to pass the time, but not a film that you would necessarily return to.


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