gifted-posterFrank (Chris Evans) has been raising his niece Mary (McKenna Grace) since her mother died when she was a baby. At the age of 7 he is sending her off to school where it very quickly comes to light that she is a gifted child, something Frank already knew, but he is very eager for her to have a normal life. The resulting notoriety brings absentee grandmother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) into the frame and a child custody battle ensues.

For a film that checks so many genre boxes it also has some quietly assured performances that result in an amiable enough watch. The film takes in the following tropes: precocious child who is only occasionally annoying, selfless guardian trying to do the right thing, domineering grandmother arguing potential is being lost, a “fun” neighbour, a “sensitive” teacher, court room scenes and a cute pet. And despite how trite all of that might sound the performances are good enough to make us believe in the story and hope that this child will get the right outcome.



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