ho00004354Colossal is such a unique and interesting film that I want to give a strong recommendation to go watch it without giving you too much information on the reasons why.

The extent of the plot that can be safely divulged is that Gloria (Anne Hathaway) is at her lowest ebb, unemployed and drinking too much, she returns to her hometown after being dumped by boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens). Back home she rekindles an old friendship with Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) but continues her drinking. Waking from a drunken night out she sees the news that a monster has attacked Seoul and it shares an idiosyncratic head scratch with Gloria.

The story constantly keeps you guessing and the underlying drama is much deeper than your average kaiju movie. Hathaway plays a screw up with addiction issues in such a way as to make us route for her and Sudeikis whom I’ve never seen in anything other than a comedic role is revelatory. Ultimately the film goes in directions that blockbuster summer films would not dream of and it’s worth supporting.


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