Miss Sloane

ho00004196Elizabeth Sloane is a powerful lobbyist in Washington D.C. When asked to lobby against a gun bill by her employer, not only does she laugh in their faces, she moves to the opposite side to lobby in favour of the bill.

Dramatic touchstones for Miss Sloane would be the political thriller Michael Clayton and the Aaron Sorkin television series The Newsroom. It features political intrigue, the sleazy underbelly of Washington, an incredibly driven lead character who thinks ten steps ahead and many speeches about what is right. Overall the plot is one that whilst set in the real world, there are contrivances that allow a dramatic discussion to be had about different facets of the argument. Something you would be used to from The Newsroom, which incidentally shares two of its cast members with this film in Sam Waterston and Alison Pill. If this dramatic license can be stomached then you will be treated to a phenomenal performance from Jessica Chastain.

In fact, Chastain’s performance is so good I would argue you should watch this film regardless of any other reservations. Commanding nearly every scene with steely determination she is a force of nature and whilst Oscar nominations rarely seem to include films released at this time of year I would be surprised not to see her feature next year.


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