mv5bnjewmdayotm4ov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmzc4mjmymdi-_v1_uy1200_cr9006301200_al_Las Vegas undercover cop Vincent (Jamie Foxx) tries to get his kidnapped son back after he is involved in the theft of 25kg of cocaine.

It would be simple enough just to advise this was reprehensible in every way, but I’ll endeavour to give a few examples. Firstly, every single character is a cliche, we have not one, but two cops who don’t play by the rules here. Michelle Monaghan’s character is introduced by way of her refusing to speak to the appointed psychologist after getting assaulted on the job! Secondly, Vincent repeatedly informs everyone he’s actually a good guy, despite everything he does advising contrary. Thirdly, zero police investigative work takes place, everyone shows up at a casino and runs around it fighting and shooting. Fourthly, nothing the villains do make logical sense, seemingly unsure if they want to recover the drugs or kill the only people who can help them do this. Finally, from a technical standpoint the film appears to have been shot with zero lighting and features choppy editing during action scenes, all making for a 95 minute movie feel much longer.

To make it all worse, it ends with blatant sequel bait, but I can’t imagine this will be Jamie Foxx’s Taken or John Wick.



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