The Belko Experiment

the-belko-experiment-8The Belko corporation’s employees are about to have a really bad day. Locked in their office building in the middle of nowhere in Bogota, Colombia a disembodied voice commands them to kill each other or else a bomb implanted in their heads as a tracking device will go off.

Worth noting that this is released the week before its writer delivers us the Blockbuster sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy, because whilst James Gunn seems very adept at marshalling talking raccoons and trees he also likes a good horror film. Wolf Creek director, Greg McLean takes on directorial duties for this one.

Part Running Man, part Cabin in the Woods this has a great opening half and a more routine closing half to what is a breezy 89-minute horror film. The film quickly introduces us to a number of different groups of characters before slamming the shutters down on the building as quickly as possible to discuss whether the greater good is fighting against the idea of murdering innocents or killing some people to ensure others survive,  whilst of course delivering up a huge slice of gore.

All in all, it is a good slice of fun for the gore hound.



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