The Boss Baby

ho00004254When the Boss Baby arrives into Tim’s life, it is thrown upside down. His parents no longer give him all the attention he needs and he is pretty certain something is not quite right with a baby that wears a suit and can talk. Soon we find out that the Boss Baby is there to prevent the evil Francis Francis from taking love away from babies by manufacturing cute puppies. Although, of course, none of this is real. Tim has an active imagination and this is just his way of dealing with the situation at hand. It is no spoiler to let you know that here because the film informs you in its opening moments that this is all a flight of fancy. I think, ultimately your enjoyment of the film will be about how that premise sits with you. Did you truly want a Boss Baby?

On a positive note, the premise of dealing with how an older sibling deals with a new member of the family is good family fare, the small moments when we see real events juxtaposed with Tim’s imaginings are pretty funny but are hardly used and most importantly of all we have Alec Baldwin voicing the titular Boss Baby. Baldwin is great delivering his lines deadpan, I particularly liked a fleeting GlenGarry Glen Ross reference and his use of his per diem.

The negative side is that this is not an animated film that truly crosses over in terms of its audience. Young children will enjoy it lots, for its slapstick and baby in a suit antics, but adults are going to get bored very quickly. Maybe watch some episodes of 30 Rock instead?


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