CHiPs: Law and Disorder

ho00004202An undercover FBI agent and an ex-extreme sports motorcyclist join forces in the California Highway Patrol to take down corrupt cops robbing armoured cars.

Loosely based on the television show that ran from 1977-1983 this is a very uneven and only mildly diverting comedy. Personally, I have never seen the TV series, but my understanding is that this shares as much in common with it as the Starsky and Hutch film did with its show, including cameos from the stars. Where that film was a knockabout screwball buddy comedy, this is tonally all over the place. The two main characters are a sex addict and prescription painkiller drug addict unaware that his wife is cheating on him, whilst the action scenes feature some over the top gore for the genre.

Writer, director and star Dax Shepherd seems to be unsure what he was going for. The result isn’t the worst film imaginable, but it’s not really worth your time either.


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