Fist Fight

ho00004192The premise of Fist Fight is high concept and low coherence. On the final day of school, cut backs are being made and permanently flustered teacher Andy (Charlie Day) through a series of random events accidentally gets colleague Strickland (Ice Cube) fired.

Strickland, who appears to be the school disciplinarian, counter intuitively decides this situation would be best resolved by a fight. Will Andy weasel out of the fight using any means necessary?

Ignoring comprehension, the key question is, “is it funny?”. And unfortunately, aside from the culminating 10 minutes the answer is a resounding no.

Aside from wasting some prodigious comic talent in supporting roles (Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell) the general underlying theme is nastiness. And with two leads famed for their loud and “shouty” roles it’s all a bit much.


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