The Founder

ho00004119The true story of Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton), a salesman who stumbles upon a burger stand, run by two brothers called McDonald. What follows is a story about a family run restaurant which slowly succumbs to becoming a commercial behemoth.

Keaton is highly watchable when performing his sales patter, but it can sometimes be a struggle viewing a genuinely unlikeable man in virtually every scene. Kroc comes across as a highly driven and incredibly untrustworthy man. A man who ignores his wife and maintains friendships only when they propel his business.

The more interesting characters I wanted to know more about were the McDonald brothers. Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch are excellent at making Dick and Mac McDonald wholesome and likeable. The scenes where they whisk Kroc through their life story are the best in the film and the way they are slowly pushed out of their family business painful to see.

More intriguing than entertaining, twenty years in the making of McDonalds certainly undermines their wholesome family image.


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