The LEGO Batman Movie

ho00004123Will Arnett was so ludicrously funny as Batman in The LEGO Movie that he gets his very own spinoff. And whilst the creative leaders of that film have left to make the Han Solo Star Wars spin-off film, those brought in to replace them have an equally good grasp of what made the LEGO movie so much fun.

The Joker (Zach Galifianakis) is a little upset that Batman (Will Arnett) will not admit that he is his greatest enemy. So his next scheme is to see how Batman fares without his villainy. Madcap antics ensue along with huge amounts of family and geek jokes.

There are moments of genius, such as the voiceover at the beginning, “all important movies start with a black screen”, a huge array of both Batman and other “geek” franchise characters, songs and enough jokes happening that repeat viewings would be needed to pick them all out.  Another thing that makes it so much fun is that it seems to reference every Batman film and comic made. The Nolan, Burton and Schumacher films are all referenced, as is the tv show and 75 years of comics. They have all happened as far as this film is concerned.

There is one thing that looms over it though and that is its predecessor. The LEGO Movie is just slightly better and that always comes into mind. This is not quite as funny and the songs are not quite as good. It spends a little too much time hammering home the point that you need to let others into your life to be truly fulfilled, but these are small gripes for what is a brilliantly entertaining romp.

My final thought is that if the idea of Billy Dee Williams finally getting to play Two-Face means something to you, then you have to watch this film.


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