Toni Erdmann

Toni Erdmann is a hard sale for a UK cinema audience but it absolutely rewards on an emotional level those who watch it. A German comedy with subtitles and a running time of 162 minutes that is about a father and daughter who struggle to connect might not seem worth your time but it really … Continue reading Toni Erdmann


Denzel Washington brings to the screen a play by August Wilson, filled with searing performances and meaty dialogue but hamstrung somewhat by its lack of cinematic quality. Troy (Washington) is a middle-aged man working as a refuse collector trying to get through to Friday every week. He is filled with bitter regrets of not being … Continue reading Fences


Based on the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving, who were arrested and convicted by the state of Virginia for the crime of interracial marriage and banished from the state. Their case would find its way to the Supreme Court. Written and directed by Jeff Nichols, the filmmaker behind Take Shelter, Mud and Midnight Special … Continue reading Loving