Why Him?

ho00004006When Ned Fleming (Bryan Cranston) meets his prospective son in law Laird (James Franco) he can not understand why his lovely daughter would choose him. A foul mouthed, tech millionaire, impulsive man-child with no filter. The culture clash and Laird’s desperation for approval result in some very funny comic moments.

Franco is very good as the foul mouthed free spirit who says whatever comes into his mind whilst Cranston is the perfect straight man foil. The secret weapon to the film though is Keegan-Michael Key as “estate manager” Gustav who is a Cato-esque butler with an outrageous accent. Especially when he has to remotely operate a Japanese toilet that Ned is unable to operate.

Written and directed by John Hamburg who wrote the screenplay to Meet the Parents with Jonah Hill having a story credit and Ben Stiller as producer, you can see the comic expertise on offer has helped craft an hilarious film.




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