Assassins Creed

assassinscreed-posterAn action film based on a computer game does not necessarily bring high hopes but this one is satisfactory as far as entertainment value goes. The plot is fairly labyrinthine but ultimately boils down to good (assassins) versus bad (the Knights Templar) and a computer simulation that allows you to relive memories of your direct ancestors.

The team behind MacBeth return with Justin Kurzel directing Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard and one of the films biggest issues is that they seem to have tried to bring the same intensity and seriousness of that film. This is all well and good with Shakespeares play but I found it tough to find it believable with the videogame plot. This also ties in with what for me is the other big flaw with the film, it is so gritty that despite the majority of the film being set in Spain it is so very, very dark! If you can sidestep this gritty take on a trashy story or buy into it then from an action stand point it is fairly decent. The fight scenes and parkour are well put together and satisfy as far as a 12A about assassins stabbing people bloodlessly is likely to ever achieve.

All in all though I still think the videogame to a movie crown still belongs to Warcraft – however low a bar that might be.


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