Best and Worst of 2016

Worst films

5. Independence Day: Resurgence
4. Pride & Prejudice & Zombies
3. Inferno
2. Mike & Dave need wedding dates
1. How to be Single

Lazy sequels of bad films and lazy films tied to a high concept. Number one spot goes to the film least sure of its message ever…still not sure if I’m supposed to be ok with being single or if a man defines me?

Best Blockbuster

5. Warcraft
4. Jason Bourne
3. Star Trek Beyond
2. Ghostbusters
1. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Odd year for Blockbusters, no one seemed to go see the good ones with 2-5 all underperforming. Although none of these make my top 20 films.

Comic Book

5. Batman vs Superman
4. Suicide Squad
3. Civil War
2. Deadpool
1. Doctor Strange

I’ve created this list for a few reasons…So many comic book films, none make my top 20 and X-Men proved that everyone whining about DC didn’t even bother watching Fox’s film because no one seemed to complain about it!

Most disappointing

5. Disney Live Action remakes

I just do not get The Jungle Books popularity. Amazing effects, a couple good songs and a terrible child actor. One to be technically impressed by but that’s it. Cinderella last year was rubbish. Can we look forward to Beauty and the Beast?

4. Belated Sequels

David Brent, Ab Fab, Bourne, Zoolander, Independence Day, The Huntsman, Now you see me, Finding Dory…I’m sure I missed some. None were anywhere near their prime. Putting Dory on the list seems harsh as it’s a good film, it just isn’t as good as Nemo.

3. The Divergent Series

A franchise created to challenge Hunger Games with some strong actors failed so badly in its third film it looks like it might be turned into a TV movie or series. With actors saying their contracts are for films things could get messy.

2. X-Men Apocalypse

A thoroughly mediocre film that no one saw that wasted one of the best actors currently working (Oscar Isaac) and killed the promising young X-Men franchise…reboot?

1. DC

The films were misfires but no where near as bad as is made out. But the audience and critic response was vitriolic. DC’s reaction was confused. The studio has repositioned a few key individuals and we will have to see what happens from here.

Best films

20. Bone Tomahawk
Old fashioned western meets horror.

19. Anomalisa
Melancholy, brilliant animation.

18. The Big Short
Financial crisis told smartly with humour

17. Moana
Disney animation fantastic this year with Zootropolis also out.

16. Room
Heart breaking and exceptional performances.

15. The Neon Demon
High art take on fashion.

14. Hail Caesar
The Coen Brothers latest slice of genius.

13. 10 Cloverfield Lane
The less you know the better.

12. The Nice Guys
Brilliant buddy comedy.

11. Midnight Special
Sci-fi about a father-son relationship.

10. Creed
The best Rocky movie?

9. Everybody Wants Some!!
Linklater’s spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused.

8. The Hateful Eight
Tarantino at his talking best.

7. Kubo & the Two Strings
Beautiful stop motion fairytale.

6. Arrival
Perfect science fiction.

5. Hell or High Water
Modern western about capitalism.

4. Nocturnal Animals
Films within films and brilliant acting in a work of art.

3. The Girl with all the Gifts
Zombie allegory reminiscent of I am Legend (the book not the film)

2. Rogue One
Star Wars as war film and maybe the best one yet?

1. The Revenant
Technically awesome and packing a huge emotional wallop. Came out in January and nothing has been better.


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